My New Starry Night Celestial Wedding Collection

Painting Eternal Space With You

I’m a space and planets lover. It had been a long time since I had designed a new celestial collection. Of course, I’m not counting the myriad new designs sitting at various stages right now, being work in progress, which I’m not too inspired right now to finish, but I will soon.

For now, I decided to complete this design and launch it for you guys. If you’ve been craving for a new celestial design, here it is! I don’t see this color combination in the market right now. So for those of you brides who love the night sky, stars, the galaxy, as well as cannot get enough of the color purple, consider a galaxy themed starry night wedding with a blue, purple, and gold (or silver) palette.

Purple Galaxies, Telescopes, Planets, and Scintillating Stars

This design features a dark purple galaxy and scattered representation of stars, depicted in a watercolour feel, with some other astronomy related objects such as a lone Saturn-like planet and a little telescope.

It also features both a light as well as a dark version for the RSVP. Choose whichever RSVP version you like more.

Invitation Set: Digital Files and Printed Formats

Find the digital files format here and print as many hard copies as you need at a print shop of your choice, or shop printed cards here from my Zazzle shop if you would like it to be printed and shipped to you by Zazzle.

What’s In A Name

While thinking of a name for the collection, I ended up writing this poem for this collection:

My soul was fragmenting
Searching through an endless space
A void where only me there was
Numb and falling apart

My tears were the only thing
That let me know
That though alive I was
I was stuck, in limbo
For what felt like eons

Until your soul found me
And showed me light
Told me there is something more

Something more out there
For you and me to build together
This deserted space is ours

Splatter some galaxies here
Dust some stars there
Wash some nebulas here
And draw some land there

Fly with you
And paint this eternal space
You and me, together

– Poem Copyright © Soumya S. Mohanty. Please do not reproduce this poem anywhere else without my permission.

I have this poem in the following formats right now:

Poem: Art Print

Art Print is available as an 8”x10” print. Display it at your wedding or anniversary event as a guest book or cake table decor. Or gift the art print to your sweetie and display it in your home as home decor. Printed format is going to be available soon in my shop, or download the digital art pack here and print it yourself at a print shop.

If you would like this poem in another format, feel free to contact me.

The Collection

Take a look at my Collection page Painting Eternal Space With You to see a list of all the matching items available for this design right now. I’m always adding more to the collection page, so you may contact me here if you don’t see something you need.

What Next?

Planning a celestial themed wedding or event? Check out all my Celestial and Starry Night themed items. Not sure of your event’s theme yet? Go through all my Collections here for a variety of themes. Don’t see what you’re looking for? Feel free to contact me.

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