Serendipity: Accepting Life’s Little Gifts With Graciousness

Count your blessings, they say. I say, count your serendipities! Have you ever experienced a serendipity? A coincidence or a happy unexpected experience that changed your life for the better.

One of my most favourite serendipities was when a few years back, I was working on a custom wedding invitation project for a client, and while searching for some project related information on Google, I stumbled on a marketplace where I discovered I could sell my designs. I opened a shop there and ever since then it changed my life for the better.

It’s easy to forget these little pleasant surprises, especially if it doesn’t happen every day. But reminding oneself of those times when something special like that happened is a great way to express and experience gratitude for it and leave the door open for more serendipities like that.

Notebooks / Journals

Write down all the little happy coincidences you experience in your life in this ‘Serendipity’ notebook. Preserve and savour it for years. Or gift one to your loved one and inspire them to do the same.


Display this on your wall, at your work table, or even at a relevant event table.
You’ll find printed posters of my ‘serendipity’ artwork in various sizes here:
My Zazzle Store
My Redbubble Shop
My Society6 Shop

Greeting Cards / Post Cards

Lift someone’s spirits. Send them a greeting card or post card with a hand-written note.

Mobile Phone Cover

This mobile cover is for those who love purple so much they can’t get enough of it, and what’s better than having a purple mobile phone case to admire it whenever we need a little more pretty purple in our lives.

DIY – Print / Scrapbook

Printable kit for my artwork is available here. Print the mini artwork on 5”x5” cardstock and stick it in your journal. Or print the greeting card or post card file formats and send them to your loved ones with a hand-written note!

Your Stories

What are your serendipity stories? I would love to know your experiences. Leave a comment below and let me know!

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