Starry Night Astronomy Themed Planetarium Wedding

Have you ever looked at the night sky and counted all the stars? Those shiny diamonds studded high above us. There could be a hundred, a thousand, or on an especially clear night, a million of them. A lot of us have started our school days with ‘Twinkle twinkle little star, how I wonder what you are.’

Or maybe you wondered about the stars for the first time, laying under the night sky camping with your sweetheart.

Thanks to Science, we now know ‘what they are’ ; gaseous, hot, heavenly bodies which is the birthplace of galaxies, but our souls are still wondering and searching for the ‘star’ that was made for us in heaven.

They say marriages are made in heaven.

Some of us have already found our ‘stars’.

the Bride and Groom

When Nercy (my customer) was asked to be her sister’s wedding event coordinator and decorator, she was excited to do it, and wanted her sister’s wedding to feel “magical and romantic.” They chose a Science Museum as well as Planetarium as their venue, which made the perfect setting for a fun starry and constellation theme wedding.

the Heavenly Seating Assignment

illusion of looking out a window seeing the stars

There were twelve guest tables, each named after a Constellation in the night sky. The guest names were displayed on Constellation Seating Cards which matched the Constellation Table Names.

In Nercy’s own words, “I purchased items, such as the window frames for the seating charts from Homegoods, the idea behind that being, illusion of looking out a window seeing the stars, which was perfect.

Some of the votives, crystals, and fairy lights were provided by the venue, and some others were purchased from Michaels and Hobby Lobby.

the Scintillating Table Decor

In Nercy’s own words “We decided to use balloons for centerpieces, because they are different. I’ve never seen balloons used for weddings before. My sister and I decided to use because of their professionalism and the quality of the balloons. We decided on the 36 inches clear balloon with glitter inside to give the whimsical, romantic, and starry feel.”

The shining orbs truly give an inter-galactic feel. Are we on earth, or are we dining in an inter-galactic event in a distant galaxy in the future? This setting transports us to another world.

Just like the crystal diamond stars light up the sky, the combination of lighted crystals (called ‘Aqua Gems‘ from and shiny silver votives makes for a stunning base for the centerpiece for the guest tables named after Constellations.

the Inter-Galactic Card Box

This beautiful galaxy themed card box, and the glittering ‘To the moon and back’ topper with a giant astronomy machine in the background beautifully adorns the setting. The card box was put together by one of Nercy’s best friends ‘Boxed by Toi.’

the Polaroid Guest Book

Here’s the excerpt from my customer’s interview:

It especially made me feel good and very happy when my sister’s husband said to me “you did a great job on the decor” because he is hard to please.

Your venue looks like a fun party! I saw astronomy items in some of the pictures. Did the venue provide that? Was it a planetarium? Could you describe (or name) the venue?

My sister’s wedding venue was located at The Discovery Museum & Planetarium. We were able to use astronomy items the museum had on display for our decor. My sister and her husband decided to use the venue due to it being affordable, different than any other wedding venue, and it being exciting.

Anything special or memorable about the venue or event?

The most memorable thing about the venue, was my sister’s wedding ceremony in the planetarium. After the ceremony, there was a show with my sister’s and her husband’s choice of love song.

What was the show about? Was it starry night or galaxy related?

It was a planet and stars show, and their song was ‘Cosmic Love‘ from Florence & the Machine. While the song was playing, you could see the stars, comets, and planets moving.

Wonderful! I also love the idea of the crystals and shiny votives in a lot of your table decor, like at the Seating Chart table and also on guest tables (center decor). Did you DIY it? How did you put it together?

The shiny votives, fairy lights, and some of the crystals were from the venue, that they were willing to allow us to use, and some were mine that I own, which I purchased at Michaels. The crystals to hold the seating card was from Hobby Lobby. Fairy lights you can pretty much purchase anywhere, from Marshalls, TJ Maxx, Walmart, Target, etc.

What did your guests say about your unusual theme / decor?

The guests were excited to attend a wedding at a children’s museum, because it was so different and outside the norm. They had a great time, and they were even able to walk around the museum. I received many compliments on the decor. It especially made me feel good and very happy when my sister’s husband said to me “you did a great job on the decor” because he is hard to please.

Where did you print the cards you got from me? Were you happy with the print shop’s service?

I printed your cards from Staples, who are always so accommodating and prompt. They have the ability to customize prints, if needed, as well. I always go to Staples when I need anything printed for an event because of the convenience.


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    1. Indeed! I could tell just from the photos and the interview! If you were at the wedding then you’re so lucky! Thank you so much for reading this story and sharing your thoughts!

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