Enchanted Garden Theme Moodboard, Purple Wedding Theme, Purple Enchanted Forest Party Inspiration

I messed up. Actually, the name of this collection of mine is Into The Woods Of Our Love but for some reason I ended up putting the name of my other collection on this moodboard that is Tonight’s Our Enchanted Night but that fits for the mood I’m going for, so I’m letting this be!

I think I got myself mesmerised while working on this moodboard. Was it the love potion on the tables? Or perhaps it was the enchanting lights. Names and titles don’t matter anymore, pun intended. This place is magical, and everything is as you want it to be!

Enchanted Forest Theme Moodboard by Soumya's Designs

Bite Into An Enchanted Night

I think I have entered an Enchanted Garden
The gates were open, the tables set
Perfect for a weary traveller like me
To rest to my heart’s content!

The plates are filled
With my favourite dishes
Like someone who knows my mind
Had long anticipated

– Poem Copyright © Soumya S. Mohanty. Please do not reproduce this poem anywhere else without my permission.

Images Credit: All non-stationery images in the moodboards above were individually generated by AI, based on my specific separate instructions, and then manually edited and compiled by me. | Copyright © Soumya’s Designs

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