Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you make matching signs with custom text for Bridal Shower / Baby Shower / Birthday Party, etc.?

A: Yes I can! I make matching items for all my designs. If you need items for other events other than weddings, let me know and we can discuss.


Q: I only need two of these items from the bundle deal. Do you have them separate?

A: While I do have them separate, I make a bundle deal at a discount. So if you purchase fewer items separately, it will still cost you around the same. If I have multiple items in a bundle deal, and you need only a couple it’s still a bargain. You may use only the pieces you need and not download the rest.

Q: Can you sell me only the background without the text?

A: No, for my items which are fully designed pre-made products, I do NOT sell only background without text for those. I may have other items listed which are in a DIY-kit format so feel free to browse through my DIY-kit options instead.


Q: Can you sell me an editable file for this?

A: No, if the file is not in a DIY-kit format, then it’s NOT editable, because I do NOT sell that design in an editable format. However, I may have other designs which are in a similar theme but in a DIY-kit format.

Q: Would you be able to create matching invitation set for this day-of item / signage?

A: Yes I can! I make matching items for all my designs. Some of them are already listed at my invitations website. Let me know what all pieces you need and I can let you know further.


Q: Do you just sell us a file and we have to print it ourselves?

A: As of now, I provide 2 Formats: 1) Ready-To-Print Digital Files Format, and 2) Print Link Format.
If you choose to purchase my Ready-To-Print Digital Files Format, then yes you’ll have to print the files yourself at a print shop of your choice. These are especially great for day-of items since you can purchase them closer to the wedding/event and still have enough time to quickly get them printed in person at a local professional print shop like Office Depot, Staples, Kinkos. You do not have to wait for shipping, or pay large shipping fees. Simply take the files with you on a USB pen/flash drive to your chosen print shop and get them printed instantly! At most print shops, you’ll be able to finish this job within a couple of hours at most. However, I do recommend printing the files at least 3-4 days before event, latest, for your convenience.

If you choose my Print Link Format, then I’ll email you a direct link to print your chosen design through my Zazzle shop. All you’ll have to do to place the print order online, is enter the quantity and check out. Zazzle will print and ship to your given address. This is especially a good option if you’re unsure about how to print it yourself, or if you don’t have access to a laptop or desktop and are purchasing only through mobile device. Ready-To-Print Digital Files need to be downloaded only through a desktop or laptop and not mobile device. So, if you don’t have access to one, then directly choosing my Print Link Format option will get you the product to your doorstep! You’ll have to order keeping in mind enough time for shipping to your location.


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