Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can you make matching signs with custom text for Bridal Shower / Baby Shower / Birthday Party, etc.?

A: Yes I can! I make matching items for all my designs. If you need items for other events other than weddings, let me know and we can discuss.


Q: I only need two of these items from the bundle deal. Do you have them separate?

A: While I do have them separate, I make a bundle deal at a discount. So if you purchase fewer items separately, it will still cost you around the same. If I have multiple items in a bundle deal, and you need only a couple it’s still a bargain. You may use only the pieces you need and not download the rest.

Q: Can you sell me only the background without the text?

A: No, for my items which are fully designed pre-made  products, I do NOT sell only background without text for those. I may have other items listed which are in a DIY-kit format so feel free to browse through my DIY-kit options instead.


Q: Can you sell me an editable file for this?

A: No, if the file is not in a DIY-kit format, then it’s NOT editable, because I do NOT sell that design in an editable format. However, I may have other designs which are in a similar theme but in a DIY-kit format.

Q: Would you be able to create matching invitation set for this day-of item / signage?

A: Yes I can! I make matching items for all my designs. Some of them are already listed at my invitations website. Let me know what all pieces you need and I can let you know further.


Q: Do you just sell us a file and we have to print it ourselves?

A: Yes, currently I offer only digital printable files here. These are especially great for day-of items since you can purchase them closer to the wedding/event and still have enough time to quickly get them printed in person at a local professional print shop like Office Depot, Staples, Kinkos. You do not have to wait for shipping, or pay large shipping fees. Simply take the files with you on a USB pen/flash drive to your chosen print shop and get them printed instantly! At most print shops, you’ll be able to finish this job within a couple of hours at most. However, I do recommend printing the files at least 3-4 days before event, latest, for your convenience.